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Guizhou achieves 5G communication


China Mobile's Guizhou branch successfully made the first phone call on a 5G network on April 19, signifying that Guizhou has the ability to provide 5G communication service.

Orders increase during the global tea expo in Guizhou


The 11th Global Tea Culture Festival and Tea Expo was held in Zunyi, Southwest China's Guizhou province from April 19 to 20, attracting over 1,000 representatives involved in the tea industry from all over the world to attend.

Cultivation of edible fungi boosts local residents' income in SW China's Guizhou


Jianhe County authorities have been encouraging use of the idle lands in its forests for the cultivation of edible fungi.

Tickets for 2019 Big Data Expo to go on sale


According to the executive committee of the 2019 Big Data Expo, which will be held in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province this May, the ticketing system of the expo will open to the public starting from April 22.

Guizhou tea to be nationally promoted


A promotional event of Guizhou tea was held in Meitan county, Zunyi, Southwest China's Guizhou province on April 18. Representatives of government departments and media outlets attended the event.

Big data contributes to flood control and drought resistance


Thanks to the monitoring and warning system for flood control and drought resistance developed by Southwest China's Guizhou province, China can now release early warnings for floods in small watersheds within 15 minutes.

In pics: Qiaojie street in Liping County, SW China's Guizhou


The Qiaojie street, elevated at both ends but lying lower in the middle due to its geographical location between two mountain slopes, is now a tourist attraction.

Miao Sisters Festival celebrated in southwest China's Guizhou


The Miao Sisters Festival is held annually around the 15th day of the third lunar month according to the lunar calendar in China.

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