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Guizhou-made parts used on Shenzhou spacecraft


Guizhou province is providing parts for China's Shenzhou-11 spacecraft which will launch this year, according to the chief designer of China's manned spacecraft system, Zhang Bo'nan, who made the remark at the 12th National People's Congress.

Guizhou governor pushing national inland open economy zone


Guizhou province is seeking permission to build a national inland open economy pilot zone, according to its governor, Sun Zhigang, who addressed a press conference at the annual People’s Congress meeting, in Bejing, on March 7.

Evergrande extends a helping hand


Guangzhou-based property giant offers $460m to improve the quality of life for poverty-stricken locals

International festival offers azalea spread


The 2016 Baili International Azalea Festival in Bijie, Guizhou province, is scheduled to open today.

Confident in Guizhou's development


Vice Premier Ma Kai at a panel discussion with Guizhou province delegates during the National People's Congress, in Beijing, on March 6.

Guizhou looking to establish an inland free trade zone


The Guizhou provincial delegation to the ongoing 12th National People's Congress, in Beijing say they are looking for support from the State Council to set up inland free trade zone in the under-developed province.

SW China talks about its innovation


Xie Xiaoyao, shocked his US colleagues at the University of Southern California when he sent an email from Guizhou at a time when "the global Internet was just emerging but the underdeveloped province had access to it".

Online retailer expanding business in Guizhou


JD, China's second largest online retailer, signed agreement with Guizhou province on March 2, for expanding Internet plus development in southern China

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