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Guizhou delegate committed to horsetail embroidery


Song Shuixian, a horsetail embroidery artist from Sandu Shui autonomous county, southwest China's Guizhou province, is one of the 72 deputies from the province who will be at the big meeting.

Bamboo weaving increases rural income in Guizhou


Yang Changqin, one of the 72 deputies of southwest China's Guizhou province, gave an interview at the “deputies' passage” in Beijing on March 5.

Innovation underpins achievements


I've been extremely fortunate as a journalist to have witnessed several historic Chinese events from the front lines over the past 12 years.

2017 in review: Guiyang released top 10 big data news of the year


Here are the top 10 biggest big data news stories from 2017, which was released by Guiyang Big Data Development Committee on Feb 22.

Gelao ethnic group celebrates upcoming Lantern Festival


People of Gelao ethnic group perform a dragon dance to greet the upcoming Lantern Festival in Shiqian county, Guizhou province, on Feb 26.

Nation to further efforts in big data to serve real economy


China is ramping up efforts to promote further integration of big data with the real economy and foster the long-term growth of the country, said an official at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Big data expo to kick off in SW China


The 2018 China International Big Data Industry Expo will be held from May 26 to 29 in Guiyang.

Dragon Light festival illuminates night in SW China's Guizhou


With firecrackers booming, the Dragon Light festival falls on Feb 24 in Shibing, a county in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

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