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Province plans AI-enabled computing center


Guizhou province in southwestern China plans to build an artificial intelligence-enabled computing center, as the world's largest radio telescope, located in the province, is expected to start a test run in the second half of this year, a senior local official said.

Qualcomm ups ante with fresh funds for Guizhou venture


US chip giant Qualcomm Inc has upped the ante in its joint venture in the Guizhou province, pouring another 1 billion yuan ($144 million), together with the local government, into Guizhou Huaxintong Semiconductor Technology.

Plum plantations prove lucrative in Guizhou


Plum plantations have proven to be a lucrative investment for residents in Yangliu village, Guizhou province.

New bus line benefits rural Guizhou students


A new bus line has recently been opened for rural students from Guiyang Guanshanhu No 9 Primary School in Guiyang.

Guiyang hosts global big data competition


International and Chinese organizations recently participated in the 2017 China International Big Data Mining Competition in Guiyang.

Guiyang's poverty alleviation achieves remarkable results


In the past year, about 80 local enterprises have provided over 700 million yuan ($101 million) to 79 impoverished villages in Guiyang city.

Guizhou steps up poverty relief efforts


Guizhou province, which is home to more impoverished residents than any other province, is stepping up efforts to lift more people out of poverty, while ensuring no damage is done to the local environment.

Guizhou relocates 752,000 impoverished residents


Guizhou province plans to relocate some 752,000 residents currently living in poverty to better housing in 2017, according to the provincial government.

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