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Victories scored in province's crucial fight against poverty


The mountainous Southwest China province of Guizhou is considered by many to be the main battleground in China's crucial fight against poverty - but top officials and experts say major victories have been scored and many more achievements are to come.

New online treatment service beams medical expertise to villages


Patients in far-flung villages can now be attended to by doctors from first-class hospitals in Southwest China's Guizhou province, benefiting from improvements in the province's remote treatment service.

AI fund established in Guiyang


An artificial intelligence fund was recently established in Guiyang.

Floral tourism blossoms in Guizhou


Now that spring is in the air, flower tours are flourishing in Southwest China's Guizhou province.

Guizhou rural entrepreneur on the way to represent his people


Wei Bo, a Guizhou deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC), pledged to promote local ethnic culture when he attends the 13th NPC in Beijing.

Guizhou NPC deputies and CPPCC members share opinions on rural revitalization


A profound "industrial revolution" is currently underway in Guizhou, as the mountainous province in southwest China has been committed to comprehensively revitalizing its rural areas.

Tech giant Tencent stores important data in Guizhou


Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd will create the most secure data center in Southwest China's Guizhou province to store important data.

Big data benefits boom in Guiyang


The Guiyang big data development committee recently released its top 10 big data developments for 2017, featuring the most important industry breakthroughs of the year.

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