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Photo show displays Guizhou’s impressive development


The exhibition showed Guizhou's rapid development over the past five years, with the aim of making people more confident in the province’s future.

Chickens boost poverty alleviation in Guizhou


Zhang Yuhui, a female farmer, set up a farm in Guizhou province in 2009 and has since been donating food to over 2,000 impoverished households.

Doctor brings AIDS vaccine project from US to Guizhou


Zhou Xiangyang has spent years researching HIV/AIDS and oncolytic vaccines, which have brought him international recognition.

Farmers hasten spring tea picking


Anshun city in Southwest China’s Guizhou province on April 18. With recent favorable weather, the 80-hectare plantation has started its annual tea-picking season.

An old fool and a wise man


Yu Gong was considered a fool. But I consider Huang Dafa to be wise.

Poverty alleviation gets a high-tech reboot


Poverty alleviation measures have been updated with more big data technology and cloud computing systems in Guizhou province in southwestern China - to better target those in need.

A legend comes true


The villagers he led only had hand tools - and explosives. He's the stuff of legend - but real. Huang Dafa is arguably an actual, modern incarnation of the ancient myth of Yu Gong.

Reddening maple leaves attract visitors in Guiyang


The valley is home to more than 30,000 maple trees whose leaves have turned color in recent days, attracting visitors across the country to enjoy the “red sea”.

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