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SW China region leading the country in economic growth


The opening ceremony of Guizhou province's 12th People's Congress's 4th Session took place on Jan 26 in the city of Guiyang city.

Seeking you for 'Discover Moutai' Interview Trip


Seeking you for "Discover Moutai" Interview Trip

Guiyang to host 2nd big data expo


Guiyang in China's Guizhou province will host a big data expo from May 26 to 29 as the country's first big data pilot zone is further tapping into the cutting-edge industry to boost economic growth.

New plan to aid villages takes off in Guizhou


Enterprise-plus program to help migrants enjoy the fruits of sustainable development

Livelihoods and poverty in the spotlight at Guizhou political conference


These will be the key work under the 13th Five-year Plan(2016-2020) and, since last year, its CPPCC members and experts have made 685 proposals, with 221 of them related to poverty and livelihoods.

Guizhou GDP surpasses 1 trillion yuan


The acting governor, according to Sun Zhigang, announced an unexpectedly large provincial GDP of 1.05 trillion yuan ($159.6 billion) for 2015, compared to 2010's 459.4 billion yuan, making it a leader in GDP growth for 5 consecutive years.

Guizhou wants to improve technology


The acting governor of Guizhou, Sun Zhigang, gave a review of their technological achievements during the period of the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-2015).

HK company handles residential-commercial land deal in SW China


Socam Development recently agreed to handle an HK$463-million deal involving a residential-commercial site in Zunyi, Guizhou province and Country Garden, a property developer in Guangdong province.

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