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Tunpu culture becoming a drawcard for Guizhou


In the Guizhou city of Anshun, more than 200,000 Han people still live according to the 600-year-old ways of their ancestors.

'Supermoon' lights up Xingyi


The sky above Xingyi was lit up by the largest moon since 1948 on Nov 14.

Guizhou plans to further develop white spirits brands


Guizhou plans to produce 800,000 kiloliters of white spirits by 2020 to generate an industrial output value of 120 billion yuan ($17.74 billion).

Food and beverage businesses flowing into Southwest China


With a good natural environment and clean water sources, Tongren in Guizhou province is becoming a major base for high quality water and food in Southwest China.

Clean water spouts opportunities


Authorities in Tongren, Guizhou province, are looking to boost the development of its water industry.

Hot springs heating up hospitality industry


Tongren in Guizhou province is rich in hot springs and has thus become a magnet for healthcare-themed hotels and resorts.

Guizhou develops forest tourism


Guizhou hopes to become more attractive to visitors by developing forest eco-tourism.

Guizhou lands 145b yuan in contracts at intl trade fair


Overseas companies have invested big in Guizhou, signing on the dotted line for 193 projects worth an estimated 145 billion yuan ($21.39 billion).

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