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Guizhou's Shuanghe Cave named longest cave in Asia


Shuanghe Cave in Zunyi city in southwest China's Guizhou province has been named the longest cave in Asia.

Guizhou to unveil its first industrial zone for human resource services


Guizhou will open its first industrial zone for provincial-level human resource services on March 25.

Anlong 'Supermarket' offers free life necessities


A "supermarket" for charity purpose recently came to life in Rongda village of Anlong county in Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture.

Upgraded agriculture facilitates rural vitalization in Weining


To improve rural income and facilitate rural vitalization, Weining county has been making efforts to upgrade its local agricultural industry.

Guizhou to hold 6th Professionals Convention


The sixth Guizhou Professionals Convention will be held at the Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 24-25.

Turnover of Global Big Data Exchange hits 120 million yuan


The Global Big Data Exchange (GBDE) recently set a record of 2,000 members and generated turnover of 120 million yuan ($19 million).

The sign of a great teacher


Dressed in a purple gown, she moves her hands and fingers in a manner that almost mesmerizes. What she is doing is using sign language to say, "I will study hard, work hard and live a full life."

Big data facilitates poverty relief in Guizhou


Big data has been playing an important role in Guizhou's fight against poverty, said Huo Tao, chairman of Guizhou Baishan Cloud Co Ltd and one of Guizhou NPC deputies.

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