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Healthy option for web medicine


As internet heavyweights scramble to expand online healthcare, a tech company in southwestern Guizhou province is aiming to carve out a unique presence for itself in the fiercely competitive industry.

Across China: Tourists love Miao Valentine's Day


"Zimei Jie" (Sisters' Day), a five-day festival similar to Valentine's Day, is helping boost tourism in an ethnic county in southwest China.

Guizhou film The Grand Song shines at Beijing film festival


Stars of The Grand Song, a film featuring Guizhou province's Dong ethnic group made an appearance on the red carpet of the closing ceremony of the 6th Beijing International Film Festival on April 23.

Guizhou eyes more cooperation deals at upcoming Big Data Expo


Authorities and event organizers in the Guizhou capital of Guiyang are making final preparations to host the 2016 International Big Data Expo from May 25 to 29.

Guizhou explorer Zhao Zhongguo


A 60-year-old villager in Suiyang county, Guizhou province guided 30 explorers and scientists from China and France through a network of caves in Suiyang Shuanghe Hole National Geological Park on April 23.

Guiyang man's love of music secret to long life


Guiyang resident Wang Chunying has a passion for music, and despite his long years still tours China in musical groups and bands.

South Korea exhibits Guizhou through original ecological photography


The Cultural Center of Inchon in South Korea displayed more than 200 photographic works featuring colorful Guizhou province on April 21-26.

Guiyang airport utilizes big data to improve its service


Guiyang Longdengbao International Airport's official WeChat account "Guiyang Airport Company" is part of the airport company's drive to build a big data platform to better serve the passengers.

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