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Ethnic groups look to raise living standards, preserve cultures


Leaders of China's minorities are hoping government support will help save their traditions and languages.

Development held back by poor education


Like most of his peers, Zhao Jian lives in a wooden home built by his grandfather and maintains a similar lifestyle to his ancestors.

200 athletes dash up Guiyang's highest building


Two hundred steel-thighed runners climbed Guiyang’s highest building the hard way on the morning of March 26.

Guizhou green tea popular at promotion


Twelve projects -- worth 4.074 billion yuan ($592 million) -- were signed at a tea promotion event in Beijing on March 26.

The art of finger painting


Using only his fingers as brushes and traditional Chinese rice paper as canvas, 53-year-old Chen Yuxiang began a four-year project in 2015 to create a scroll painting depicting his hometown of Guangzhou. Currently, he's halfway finished with the huge undertaking.

Seven-stars Bridge repaired in Guizhou


The Seven-stars Bridge, an ancient stone bridge in Sanglang town, has been repaired by the Communications Department of Guizhou province

Zhaoxing Dong village: a sanctuary of Dong culture


Surrounded by high mountains, Zhaoxing Dong village was listed as a Chinese Traditional Village in 2012.

2017 Big Data Industry Expo tickets now on sale


Tickets for the 2017 China Big Data Industry Exposition are now officially on sale, allowing people to purchase tickets online.

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