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Guizhou teacher serves as shining example


As the new semester begins, Yang Shaoshu, a rural school teacher, guides the students he has taught for more than 40 years to school safely.

Yang Shoushu: 40-year safeguard for children in the mountains


For the 40th year, Yang Shaoshu, a rural school teacher in Qianxi county, Guizhou province, escorted his students through the mountains to school as the new school semester comes.

Advanced bio-tech to be introduced to Guizhou


The Consulate of the Czech Republic in Chengdu and representatives from the Czech Republic-based SOTIO Company and PPF Group investigated FACTORR CELL Biological Technology Co Ltd in Guizhou on Sept 8.

Alcoholic beverage expo concludes in Guizhou


The four-day International Alcoholic Beverage Expo came to a close in Guizhou on Sept 12.

Taxi driver's effort to save boy touches heart


A taxi driver in Guiyang, Southwest China's Guizhou province, has touched the hearts of many with his efforts of trying to save a severely ill child.

Butterfly-shaped floating boardwalk to be opened in SW China


The boardwalk, which consists of 222,500 floating units, has five floating swimming pools and some 200 inflatable amusement equipments. It is scheduled to be opened to the public during the upcoming National Day holidays.

Moutai University enrolls first students


Moutai University, China's first university named after a liquor company, recruited its first 600 students from Guizhou province on Sept 9.

Fashion meets traditional Chinese craft at UK show


The craft of seamstresses from Guizhou province in the Southwest of China was in the spotlight at a fashion show hosted at the Chinese embassy in London.

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