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Zone to support development of local firms


The Guian New Area Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Guizhou province will strongly support regional economic development, local officials said.

Guizhou high-speed railway achieves full 4G coverage


Tourists traveling to Guizhou province by high-speed railway can access the 4G network even high up on mountains or in tunnels, owing to the province's full 4G coverage on high-speed rail lines in place since May 10.

Karst wonderland in Southwest China


Zhijindong Cave National Geopark, located 152km from Guiyang city, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, boasts the tallest and thinnest stalactite and the most densely distributed cave chambers in the world.

Potential winner


The global popularity of Chinese food offers a lesson to the makers of baijiu, China's distinctive white spirit, says former Croatian ambassador to China Ante Simonic.

Huawei, Foxconn to release new products at 2016 Big Data Expo


Huawei and Foxconn are to debut their latest products at the 2016 Big Data Expo in Guiyang city, capital of Guizhou province.

Officials provide personal touch in legal disputes


Ding Jiaqiang, a villager in Guizhou province, never expected the provincial Deputy Governor Chen Mingming to appear in court to directly answer an administrative dispute case against the local government.

FDG invests 5b yuan in Guian New Area


Hong Kong-headquartered FDG Electric Vehicle Group will invest 5 billion yuan ($767.85 million) to construct a new energy automobile industrial park in Guian New Area.

Wild macaques frolic in Qianling Park in SW China


By far, the number of wild macaques in Qianling Park of Guiyang has increased to more than 500 as the environment improved and people's awareness for protection enhanced.

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