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Dragon fruit brings prosperity to Lurong residents


The county has been working to adjust its industrial structure in recent years, and to develop more than 1,000 mu (66.67 hectares) of farming area for pitayas.

Huawei and Guizhou team up on big data development


Guizhou province has got a big partner in developing big data, as it has signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei on Nov 12.

Raising a glass to Moutai, China's 'national liquor'


More and more people could be lifting their spirits, the Chinese way.

In Hezhang, small walnuts means big profits


For many people living in Hezhang county, the walnut is not only a tasty treat, it is also the gateway to prosperity.

Beijing residents experience Miao cultural feast


Beijingers were able to experience original Miao culture in the capital as a Miao lifestyle exhibition opened from Nov 3 to 6.

Guizhou recruits AI ‘doctor’ to diagnose medical scans


Costly misdiagnoses might soon be a thing of the past at Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital thanks to its newest recruit – an AI “doctor.”

Athletes warming up in Xingyi


Swimmers dive into a swimming pool at a sports center in Xingyi as part of Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture’s third major sports meeting.

Guizhou hosts international guests at logistics summit


The 2016 China International Logistics Summit was held on Nov 8 and 9 in Duyun, Guizhou.

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