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Integration to produce the perfect package


To compete more effectively in the cutthroat tourism market, Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area in Guizhou province is planning cross-regional and cross-industry moves to help it develop into a world-class resort.

Tourism, ecology key to protect culture, spark development


Guizhou authorities target investment in key areas to ensure local ways of life and economies thrive

Emergency rescue teams called into action in flood-hit areas of Guizhou


Rescue workers save a pregnant woman from a flooded area in Tongren, Guizhou province, on June 4.

Good always gets there in the end


In the process I have gained a new appreciation of the intense and desperate struggle of the Chinese nation to restore freedom to its people at that time.

Let's not forget China's unsung heroes


More than 70 years on, it is difficult for such tales of reunions and memories of those times not to give us a warm feeling inside.

Target in sight for giant telescope


The final panel was placed onto the world's largest single-aperture radio telescope on Sunday, putting the project on target to start searching the stars this year.

Gloves are off at China Open


The Chinese-organized international Boxing Tournament, the China Open, got underway in Guiyang on June 29.

Peculiar Dong road blocking rite enchants visitors


Zhaoxing Dong Village put on traditional singing performances and participated in a road blocking rite for visitors on June 27.

Ethnic Culture
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