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Guian Railway Station goes into decoration stage


Construction of Guian Railway Station, which has continued for the past one year and 10 months, entered its final decoration stage on Feb 1.

Guizhou prepares for 2018 Spring Festival travel rush


The railway department of Guizhou province was ready to receive a record number of passengers as the 2018 Spring Festival travel rush.

Changes of Guizhou in local delegate's view


Liu Guangxin, a delegate to the 13th Guizhou Provincial People's Congress, speaks highly of the improvements in the past five years.

Bullfighting heats up lunar new year


Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Congjiang county of Southwest China's Guizhou province to watch bullfighting.

Microscopic characters created


Zhu Dexiang creates microscopic carvings in Longli county, Southwest China’s Guizhou province.

Embroidering out of poverty


Due to poverty and geographical isolation, it is common for Qiandongnan's young labor force – especially the males – to work in other more developed areas.

Apple's China data center to open in 2020


Construction on a Chinese data center for Apple Inc, the U.S. tech giant, is scheduled to begin later this year and the center is expected to open in 2020

Red stones in Tongren turn white


Hongshilin Scenic Area presented remarkable scenes after cold temperatures hit Southwest China's Guizhou province in late January.

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