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Modern diagnosis complements ancient therapies


Many practitioners of traditional herbal medicine in Guizhou province combine their therapies with modern methods of diagnosis as they seek to further improve the treatments they offer.

Villagers relocated for SW China telescope visit former home


Standing under the world's largest radio telescope, Yang Tianjue can still make out the site of his old house, which was removed 10 years ago to make way for the project.

GIFs give China's solar terms a modern twist


The 24 solar terms, a complementary calendar system invented in ancient China, has been brought to life by a creative designer in Guizhou province.

Miao silver ornaments


In Miao culture, silver is more than just a decoration. It is a symbol of fortune.

Anshun handicraftsmen demonstrate skills


A competitor demonstrates her silver carving work at the “Anshun Craftsmen” competition held in Anshun city, Guizhou province, on April 7.

Guiyang, a green spring paradise


Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province, is a city surrounded by rolling mountains.

National park brings outdoor sports fans to Guizhou


The Anlong National Mountain and Outdoor Sports Park in Anlong county, Guizhou province has become a magnet for outdoor sports fans and tourists from across China.

Guizhou sees GDP growth as poverty killer


Guizhou province will set its average annual economic growth target at around 10 percent for the next five years as part of an effort to pull more than 3.7 million people out of poverty by 2020, the province's top official said on Sunday.

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