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Turning Bouyei ethnic wear into an earning proposition


The ongoing two sessions in Beijing are the first that Wei Bo, a new deputy to the National People's Congress from Guizhou province, has attended.

Sun Dengfeng: Guian New Area gears up on big data development


"Guian New Area is an important place of origin of big data development in Southwest China's Guizhou province and the area's establishment has been linked closely to the industry," said Sun Dengfeng, director of the Guian New Area Administrative Committee on March 10.

Guizhou photo exhibition themed on poverty relief held in Beijing


Southwest China's Guizhou province recently held a photo exhibition themed on the province's achievements in poverty alleviation.

Big data makes people safer, says Guiyang mayor


There have been more than 20,000 surveillance cameras installed in public areas in Guiyang with the intended goal of improving safety, said Chen Yan, mayor of Guiyang.

Anlong: mushroom business improves local rural life


Anlong, one of the counties in Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture, will soon harvest the edible mushrooms planted in a mass cluster of greenhouses.

Urban interaction will aid rural progress


Premier Li Keqiang mentioned "village" at least 24 times and agriculture nine times, urging governments at all levels to make unswerving efforts to revitalize the countryside.

Guian's vocie at national two sessions


An open press day of the Guizhou NPC deputies, including Huo Tao, was held on March 8.

A fine product


Noodles from Suiyang are a traditional staple of the region, and each strand is as fine as hair.

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