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Guizhou prepares to host key environment event


The annual conference of the Eco Forum Global will begin in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province on July 6.

Guizhou Big Data Industry Fund Launched


Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission has approved a project of setting up fund for big data industry in Guizhou province, local media reported on June 6.

People of Guiyang experience the restoration of cultural relics


series of activities themed on the publicity and popularization of cultural heritage knowledge were held in Guiyang city on June 9.

Kindergartens creatively transformed in rural China


Liu Fen - unlike traditional teachers who tend to dominate the class - gives more freedom to her students, letting them do what they want.

An outpost makes inroads


The Yunfeng Tunpu Culture Tourism Area is an ancient military outpost that today attracts armies of tourists.

'Colorful Guizhou, Charming Culture' exhibition shines in Nepal


The exhibition "China Week: Colorful Guizhou, Charming Culture" kicked off in Kathmandu on June 15.

Farmers encouraged to grow edible fungi in Guizhou


Local farmers are encouraged to grow edible fungi on organic compost made from agricultural wastes such as stalks, wood bits, and hulls of cotton seeds.

Dragon Boat Festival celebrated at Confucius Academy


A cultural activity based on the Dragon Boat Festival was held at the Confucius Academy of Guiyang on June 18.

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