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Bourses cheer consumption rise


Investors chase shares in food, appliance, hospitality, and entertainment companies.

Concern from Xi touches delegates


Pan Kegang, the head of the village of Huamao in Guizhou province, was thrilled to share changes in his hometown with General Secretary Xi Jinping face to face on Thursday.

Dating festival offers Miao artisan platform


The Miao ethnic group in Shidong town of Southwest China's Guizhou province celebrates a festival called "sisters' meal" on the 15th day of the third lunar month every year.

Formerly remote area gears up to drive into an exciting new future


Over the years, I've always pictured Guizhou province as a less developed and remote area in Southwest China, where tourism should be the supporting industry.

Guizhou province opens itself up to a rich world of opportunities


Through a rich and diverse variety of expos, the southwestern province of Guizhou has attracted a cornucopia of companies and talented professionals from home and abroad seeking out fresh business opportunities.

Rich splendor of Bouyei ethnic fashions celebrated in London show


A very special fashion show was held in London on Sept 1, to mark the 45th anniversary of United Kingdom-China diplomatic relations.

Xi urges all to strive for progress


General Secretary Xi Jinping called on the whole Party and country on Thursday to make joint efforts to achieve progress in Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

Delegate overcomes setbacks in remote Guizhou


For the past 16 years, Yu Liufen has helped residents in Yanbo, a village in Guizhou province, eradicate poverty and develop the local economy.

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