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Moutai takes fiery spirit to Europe


China's iconic liquor brand Moutai chose the northern German port city of Hamburg, famed for its bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, to launch its campaign to bring the fiery spirit to Europe.

MFA introduces Guizhou to diplomats


China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) introduced Guizhou province to diplomats from 120 countries.

Guiyang a top destination among young Chinese professionals


Thousands of talented individuals are eyeing up Guiyang as an attractive working destination.

Guiyang grants third party developers access to traffic data


Authorities in Guiyang have called on software developers to make full use of its big data incubator, which allows registered individuals and companies to access the city’s real time traffic data.

New drone to beef up PLA aerial skills


The People's Liberation Army will soon have an unusually shaped drone, which is expected to strengthen the Chinese military's aerial reconnaissance capabilities.

'Guizhou, China's new force in Belt and Road Initiative'


Guizhou has become a new force in China's opening-up strategy due to its advantageous location in the Belt and Road Initiative, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday.

Dong people eat at world's longest feast table


People of the Dong ethnic minority group eat food during a feast along tables 3.7km long to celebrate the New Year of Dong.

Guizhou's highest school reaches new heights


At 2,900 meters above ground in Liupanshui city lies Guizhou’s highest primary school, Haiga Primary School.

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