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Guizhou to hold 6th Professionals Convention

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Updated: 2018-03-23

The sixth Guizhou Professionals Convention will be held at the Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 24-25, according to a press conference held in Guiyang on March 20.

This year's convention will feature practicality and effectiveness with the theme of "Gathering the World's Professionals for Development and Building a New Future for Colorful Guizhou".

It is expected that a total of 295 talents and expects who have studied at home and abroad will attend the event.

The convention will launch a project aiming to attract more talents to boost the development of Guizhou province. What's more, this year's event is to put a brighter spotlight on poverty alleviation.

Meanwhile, Guizhou province has launched a three-year plan to engage more talents and experts in the work of poverty eradication.

Professionals are encouraged to work or participate in project cooperation in poverty-stricken areas and take part-time jobs or start businesses in remote areas.

After investigating the 14 poverty-stricken counties and 20 poverty-stricken townships in Guizhou, the convention analyzed the demand for talents to help the towns and counties find the right kinds and numbers of talents and experts.

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