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Ancient outposts welcome hordes


The Yunfeng Tunpu Culture Tourism Area is an ancient military outpost that today attracts armies of tourists.

Thousands of villagers join voices for Dong choir singing competition


Some 1,300 singers from the Dong ethnic group beautifully harmonize during their performance of the Grand Song at a competition held in Xiaohuang village.

Guizhou showcases rich splendor of ethnic minorities


The quadrennial Minorities Art Festival of Guizhou opened in Guiyang on Oct 30.

Modern diagnosis complements ancient therapies


Many practitioners of traditional herbal medicine in Guizhou province combine their therapies with modern methods of diagnosis as they seek to further improve the treatments they offer.

Traditional medicine heads into the mainstream


Practitioners of ancient herbal treatments will soon be allowed to register with local authorities.

King Yalu: chants in the hills


King Yaluis a heroic epic of the Miao ethnic group of the Mashan Mountain area in southern Guizhou province.

Guizhou embroidery competition


Approximately two hundred Bouyei and Miao women gathered together at Sanglang Primary School on March 3 for an embroidery competition.

Miao Bridge Worship Festival held in Guizhou


People of the Miao ethnic group held the Bridge Worship Festival on Feb 27 in Guizhou to pray to the ancient god of bridges for good fortune in the coming months.

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