Lin Hwai-Min's 'Moon Water' brings purity to August

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Lin Hwai-Min's 'Moon Water' brings purity to August

Dancers from the Cloud Door Dance Theater performs Moon Water in Shanghai, Feb 5, 2005. [Photo/IC]

Lin Hwai-min's 1998 creation, Moon Water, will be staged for the first time at the National Theater for the Performing Arts on Aug 25 to 28.

The dance, performed by the Cloud Door Dance Theater, is inspired by a quotation from Buddhist texts. Using the reflection of the moon on water as a metaphor, the dance aims to reveal the truth of earthly lives and common people's struggles on their way to their death.

"What moves me is the purity and cleanness of the dance. Although the background music is Bach's works, the oriental dance just goes smoothly with the beat of the music," said Mu Yu, an associate professor from Beijing Dancing Academy.

Taoist philosophy also finds its way into the choreography. The moves of the dance look both soft and forceful.

"The essence of dance is life, breath," Lin said.

"Only when you concentrate, and feel it with your heart, beauty reveals itself."

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