Tailor-made specials

By Matt Hodges ( Shanghai Star ) Updated: 2014-07-11 09:42:15

Tailor-made specials

Ancient Chinese seats on display at World Art Museum 

Tailor-made specials

Collector opens coupon museum 


Naco Architectures, a French studio founded by Argentina's Marcelo Joulia, has branches in Paris, Buenos Aires and Shanghai. Its studio at Bridge 8 in the old French Concession was set up in 2005 and is staffed with 18 mostly European architects, interior designers, product designers and graphic designers. In seven years Naco Shanghai has built up a formidable resume: Luxury hotels across China, as well as the Kempinski's Ulan Bator property (2013), premium retail outlets including Bund 5 (2013), two of the city's highest-profile Bund-based drinking holes, Bar Rouge (2009) and Unico, office space for clients such as Hermes. The list goes on. It has built a reputation for innovation and brand communication.

"I don't know any other studio that is involved in such a diverse range of projects as us," says Executive Director Margaux Lhermitte. "We don't want to have a brand signature. Our goal is to help brands develop and realize their essence."


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