Tailor-made specials

By Matt Hodges ( Shanghai Star ) Updated: 2014-07-11 09:42:15

Tailor-made specials

Ancient Chinese seats on display at World Art Museum 

Tailor-made specials

Collector opens coupon museum 

This is where the iPads and communal activities come in. Customers are urged to place their orders online for free home delivery, as they are more likely to return to the website than the store. Get them mingling on the premises, the logic goes, and then let word of mouth do its stuff online. Video screenings further blur the physical and digital worlds, while cafe-like seating outside promotes idea-sharing and Instagram posts.

The other half of the 300-sq-m store showcases home furnishings that are not so much functional as personality-driven, from bowls, lamps and bed linen in strong primary colors to cushions bearing prints of parrots or Peruvian llamas.

The idea, explains Lhermitte, is "to create your own universe or your own world".

"We created five 'zones' in the store that people can discover one by one. We wanted to show that there is a real design and thought process behind each collection," she adds. "Customers can see how these worlds come together as a whole family of products."

One of the zones is decorated in pastel pink and blue; another bears the hallmarks of Parisian art decor, all black and white geometric patterns; yet another has a "Moroccan vibe."

L'Atelier launched with two summer collections (tropical and pastel garden) and will update them every six months to stay fresh and social media-relevant. In-store activities and deals of the month can be found on the website (

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