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Govt announces new anti-terror guidelines following Paris attacks

By CUI JIA (China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-14 07:06


1 Strengthen the nationwide terrorist intelligence-sharing system;

2 Destroy audio and video material related to terrorism and violence, and prevent the spread of terrorist information via instant messaging services or other online means;

3 Strengthen border controls to prevent overseas terrorists entering China;

4 Eliminate religious extremism and strengthen management of religious affairs in accordance with the law;

5 Promote successful practices to educate and transform terrorist offenders by using authentic religious doctrines;

6 Improve the emergency command system and enhance coordination among different units of the public security forces and other forces to maintain social stability;

7 Enhance anti-terrorism measures relating to railways, aviation, other public transportation and postal networks;

8 Conduct research to determine weak links in anti-terrorism work;

9 Strengthen cooperation with international anti-terrorism bodies and provide maximum protection for overseas Chinese individuals and enterprises.

Source: Committee of Political and Legal Affairs of the CPC Central Committee

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