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China has no overseas military bases: Spokesperson

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-05-26 16:56

BEIJING - Defense Ministry spokesperson Yang Yujun said Tuesday that the country has not built any military bases overseas.

Yang was speaking at a press conference on the white paper about China's military strategy, which was released Tuesday.

Answering question from a foreign journalist, Yang also said that China pursues a defensive national defense policy, and seeks no hegemony or military expansion.

Another question directed at Yang during the press conference related to China's Liaoning aircraft carrier, which was commissioned in September 2012 and is the country's only aircraft carrier at present.

Yang explained that the aircraft carrier was conducting trials and military training, and that when drafting its aircraft carrier plan, China would take all things into consideration, including economic and social development, as well as national defense and military construction needs.

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