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My Chengdu dream

By Nicole Alcivar ( Updated: 2016-03-10 13:30

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My Chengdu dream

Since I was a child I dreamed to visit China, especially the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, because knowing the pandas was one of my dreams but being Ecuadorian is a little difficult to travel to the Asian continent, thanks to a scholarship I could travel to Beijing last August, to study mandarin language.

With the company of friends, we visited some tourist sites in China, the journey began in December of last year, we knew of the Harbin Ice and Snow festival, so that was our first destination, the coldest days of my life were, but definitely worth it.

The next destination for me was the best! I spent about 10 days in Sichuan province. Where the first destination was the magical city of Chengdu, in the following days of the journey we met the Qingcheng Mountain, go up to the temple was actually hard but get satisfaction removal all tiredness.

The next day we visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, from that entered there was one friendly both with animals as those who visited the place. It was a sunny day but a little cold, but there was no excuse as to not enjoy, we check the map and headed first to see the pandas of middle ages, almost all of us were asleep, but at the moment I could see one of them eating bamboo and playing with your food my eyes are illuminated, had both hoped to be able to enjoy the scene. With the passage of time the pandas were more restless and funny were surprising to those who visit them. Unfortunately could not be observed the pandas babies because they were in their nap time, but the bears who were in kindergarten Garden were simply the best, they played, they fell, they were eating, for my definitely was a realized dream. A very interesting fact for me was to meet the red pandas, much more small to those pandas Giants but just as tender. It was just a perfect day.

The following day we visited the city of Chengdu, and also the city of Leshan, where had the opportunity to taste the traditional food of Sichuan and at the same time learn about the Temple of Buddha Leshan, each temple, statue was simply impressive.

We said goodbye to Sichuan province to knowing nature reserve Jiuzhaigou, where the frozen landscapes were like a postcards, was a place full of magic, China surprises me every day.

The journey continued by Chongqing and Guilin, after nearly 20 days of travel, I return to Beijing, arrived full of energy to start a new semester and wait for the next holiday to return to travel and learn a little more about China.

The author is Ecuador and now studies Chinese at University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing.

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