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Chinese women spoiled on their holiday

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-03-08 15:11 Comments

Women are supposed to be loved. The more you love them, the more beautiful they become. This is not a proverb but a truth that all women in the universe would agree with. Some Chinese men are well aware of that and are trying their best to make the Internationial Women's Day on March 8 a special one for their female counterparts.

Chinese women spoiled on their holiday

A girl won the bid for a Russian guy, on March 6. [Photo/IC]

Boys' 'auctions' help them woo partners

Through a game, a university in South China's Guangzhou city really tried to help boys understand the importance of listening to and respecting girls, two days before the International Women's Day, china.com.cn reported.

Eight male students in South China Normal University attended a special "auction", in which they were auctioned off. They introduced themselves, performed, and did everything they could to show themselves off. While the girls, according to the rule, had some "virtual money" that they could spend. The one who paid the most for a guy to 'get' him would win the auction. They could ask the boy to do one thing for her in front of the public on the site. After that, the boy had to spend a whole day with her.

To make sure the girls can find a partner of their type, the eight participants had different profiles. They included one natural science major, one Russian student, one muscular guy, and a guitarist.

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