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Seeing Chengdu through the eyes of visitors

[2016-04-01 10:26]

"It's all so modern!” my sister exclaims in amazement as we ride in the taxi from the Chengdu airport to the hotel.

My Chengdu Story

[2016-03-10 11:10]

I'm from South Korea. I went to Chengdu in 2013. Chengdu is a city which has pandas. That was the only thing I knew about the city then.

My Chengdu dream

[2016-03-10 13:30]

Since I was a child I dreamed to visit China, especially the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Love and romance brought me to Chengdu

[2016-03-10 13:11]

I'm British and I’m very into Chinese culture and I am engaged to a beatiful Chinese girl studying in England.

As long as you love pandas

[2016-03-10 14:44]

I traveled to Chengdu in the fall of 2003 with my friends. At that time, Chengdu was not the best tourist destination in China.

Land of Abundance – Chengdu

[2016-03-10 13:42]

Memories of the Land of Abundance – Chengdu have been gathering dust for about two years.

My Chengdu: Night

[2016-03-10 11:25]

I was drawn to Chengdu for the same reason many tourists before me are, the pandas. What I discovered was so much more.

The panda bucket list

[2016-02-04 15:11]

Life can take many twists and turns but often the reality can be stranger than fiction.In August 2014 I flew to Chengdu from Melbourne to meet the pandas.

City I will never stop loving

[2016-03-04 10:15]

It is beyond dispute that mahjong, another name card of Chengdu, is the most favorite leisure activities for Chengdu people.

The young shouldn't come to Chengdu and the old shouldn't leave

[2016-03-04 10:04]

I can tell you that Chengdu is a city you shouldn't miss.

Five days in Chengdu

[2016-03-04 09:58]

Chengdu is the most charming and inviting cities, and one of the biggest cities in China.

September, first encounter with Chengdu

[2016-03-04 09:35]

Fortunately, September in 2015 I can travel to Chengdu, which is a beautiful city, to taste the delicious food.

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