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Love and romance brought me to Chengdu

By James Warren ( Updated: 2016-03-10 13:11

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Love and romance brought me to Chengdu

Love and romance brought me to Chengdu!

I'm British and I’m very into Chinese culture and I am engaged to a beatiful Chinese girl studying in England.

Chengdu was the beatiful and colorful setting for my parents to meet her parents for the very first time. It was more than I ever hoped for in my entire life. We stayed in a relaxing, delightful and traditional style hotel callled: Qin Tai Lu Wenjun Hotel. From the start everyone was very warm, welcoming and friendly.

We thoroughly loved the colorful personality of local Chengdu citizens and the stunning scenary.

Love and romance brought me to Chengdu

For me, being there was like nothing I had ever experienced as the area was full of character and life. Chengdu is a fantastic combination of old and new styles and I honestly believe that the culture is remarkably different but in a positive and interesting way.

Thanks to my brave and intelligent fiancee, we were able to go to many top attractions including the giant panda park which for me in particular, was one of my top prirorities as an animal lover!

When we all entered the enormous panda park, our parents didn’t know what to expect.

I was impatient so all of a sudden I grabbed my fiancee's hand and we ran together to the first pandas little hide out!!

Love and romance brought me to Chengdu

As soon as we arrived, both of us said extremely loudly despite huge crowds of tourist: "ohhhh my gosh how cute" and before we knew it, two of the giant fury pandas started to snugggle up to another.

While we were stood there watching, there was this sudden emotional and moving feeling of love beteeen my fiancee and I because the moment was so romantic.

We decided to cuddle each other at the exact same time as the pandas which made it even more romantic!

I felt as if we were in an animal documentary; I just couldn’t believe we had the same loving connection for each other just like the pandas.

Being together at the panda park was definitely a memorable and spectacular experience that will never be forgotten.

That was just one of the very many incredible places in Chengdu which we visited.

Love and romance brought me to Chengdu

One afternoon we decided to do some more sightseeing and we eventually came across two very local and traditional streets called “Kuan Zhai” and “Jin Li”.

I got this exciting and really happy feeling of seeing so much going on all in one place.

The noise of local youngsters and music played from bars attracted me to all the hustle and bustle. The colorful shops were out of this world; I had never seen such lively and so noisy shop keepers selling in my life!

Love and romance brought me to Chengdu

Every step I took I had people trying to sell things from all different directions!

The experience of listening and watching shops do business was so interesting and it made me wonder what it would be like if I was in their position!

I was really attracted by all the shops one after the other selling a variety of Chinese souvenirs.

I think overall aswell as the romantic panda experience, I felt really happy when local people in Chengdu came to talk to me or said hello to me from a distance.

Although people were a little shy and embarrassed because of the language barrier, I still made an effort to help locals to express themselves better.

I found that they really appreciated me and welcomed me. Having that feeling and knowing there was true romance in the panda park will always make me want to return to the unique and spectacular city of Chengdu!

Love and romance brought me to Chengdu

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