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14 officials removed after prison sex scandal

( Updated: 2015-01-27 19:49

Fourteen officials, including the head and political commissar, from Nehe prison in Heilongjiang province have been removed from their posts, as an investigation continues into an inmate who used a mobile phone to stay in touch with mistresses and defraud them.

Investigators said evidence was insufficient to prove prisoner Wang Dong had sex with a policeman's wife while serving a sentence and the prison's video record cannot be retrieved.

Some prison officers supplied Wang with mobile phones in exchange for money, investigators have confirmed.

According to reports, Wang swindled two women out of more than 110,000 yuan ($17,717) and forced another, a policeman's wife, to visit him at the prison for sex. He contacted the victims through a phone chat platform and blackmailed the policeman's wife using naked videos as threats. reported that Wang sent naked photos of the policeman's wife to her relatives and friends and telephoned her husband. He was reported to prison authorities and the local procuratorate in November.

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