Three-minute cameos of China go down well in UK

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Three-minute cameos of China go down well in UK

English-language version of China Dream - 365 Stories are currently being broadcast on United Kingdom's Propeller TV. [Photo/Agencies]

European audiences are giving the thumbs ups to the 100-episode English-language version of China Dream - 365 Stories, currently being broadcast on the United Kingdom's Propeller TV.

The mini-documentaries, based on real-life stories of Beijing residents, have attracted more than 30 million viewers and received ratings of 1.1 percent.

The first half of China Dream - 365 Stories, produced by the Beijing Committee of the Communist Party of China, has aired since last July. The second half covers topics more distinctive of Beijing, with story-telling angles more appealing to Western audiences.

Episodes such as Love of Beijing Rhyme and Old Objects have showcased how the younger generation of Beijingers are protecting and promoting their culture, whereas Night Bus and The Astronomy Know-all feature aspiring Beijing people.

The episodes have introduced to the UK life stories, culture and customs of today's Chinese.

According to TV critics, the roughly three-minute episodes dig into the lives of various "small figures" working and living in Beijing. The stories reflect the sincerity, kindness and beauty in them, as well as the pursuit of dreams by the common people. They are helpful to Western audiences in understanding contemporary Chinese people and the vitality of Chinese society.


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