Easy Talk Special: Never too young to live the entrepreneur dream

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Many people dream of owning a café, a restaurant, or a bakery one day, but life can easily set us on a different path. We often say it is never too late to do something, but sometimes it’s best to start as early as possible.

At the very young ages of 17 and 13, Hong Kong-born sister and brother Stephanie and Kevin Yang are already the owners of this bakery where we are standing. If you are surprised, you should know this is not even their first business attempt.

Can you believe that all the cakes here are made by this brother and sister when they are off from school? Stephanie says she is in charge of general management and marketing, and Kevin takes charge of revenue and accounting. Let’s talk to them and find out more.

Host: Jiang Wanjuan

Guests: Stephanie & Kevin Yang

Videographer: Yu Yao

Editor: Yu Yao

Subtitles: Wu Xiao (Intern)

Executive Producer: Feng Minghui

About Easy Talk and Easy Talk Special:

Easy Talk is a weekly talk show program covering the latest living-related issues in today's China. Foreigners living in China are invited to share their life experiences and observations on a variety of light topics. The discussions revolve around the cultural differences that exist between China and other countries, covering various aspects and the implications they have on China's cultural exchange with the world.

Easy Talk Special: Never too young to live the entrepreneur dream

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