New movie recreates Chinese-French romance parted by war

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2014-12-25 11:14:58

Chinese-French co-production

Prior to Chenxiang Mountain, two previous Chinese-French co-productions have caught the public eye.

The Nightingale, a family saga directed by Philippe Muy, is China's contender for this year's best foreign language film Oscar, while Wolf Totem, adapted from a popular Chinese novel of the same name and directed by Jean Jacques Annaud is scheduled for release next year.

These co-production are the result of a movie agreement signed by China and France in 2010. Co-produced films enjoy easy access to China's screens, dodging the quota on imported films that is often filled by Hollywood blockbusters.

For Chinese movie makers, co-production takes them a step closer to foreign cinema-goers.

Ning Ning, producer of the film, said the French audience favors Chinese movies featuring ethnic minority cultures, as seen by the popularity of such films in Paris film festivals.

"Chinese movie stars don't have much appeal to the French audience, but unique lifestyles and cultures are always applauded," she said.


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