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Men splash oil onto square dancers

( Updated: 2014-07-01 11:48

A new book by China's former premier recalls his love story, square dancers in Zhejiang are attacked by oil and a 25-year-old boy becomes the youngest organ donor in China.

Li Peng book focuses on love and marriage

Men splash oil onto square dancers

China's former Premier Li Peng has published an autobiography, recalling his courtship and marriage to his wife, reported.

Li's book features the first 55 years of his life, including his development and working experiences between 1928 and 1983. It also records the couple's love story.

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Men splash oil onto square dancers


Men splash oil onto square dancers

Five women square dancers were attacked by two men who poured oil onto them during their dancing at a residential community in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, reported.

A victim, surnamed Wang, said two men dressed in black poured engine oil on their heads before fleeing.

Disputes between square dancers with loud music and residents who complain of being disturbed have drawn attention recently.

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Men splash oil onto square dancers

Officials must personally test water

Officials in Zhejiang province will be made to swim in rivers to test the quality of water "instead of showing statistics about whether people can drink or swim", Mao Linsheng, vice-director of the National People's Congress of Zhejiang province said as the activity was launched, Wuhan Evening News reported. The province has cleared rubbish from 2,894 kilometers of waterways.

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Men splash oil onto square dancers

Baby donates organs

A 25-day-old boy donated his liver and kidney after he died of congenital heart disease in Guangzhou city, becoming the youngest organ donor in China, Guangzhou Daily reported. "He lived short but saved lives," said his father.

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Men splash oil onto square dancers

Student injured by exploding dustbin

An explosion in a plastic dustbin in Liuzhou left a female high school student with leg injuries. It was the third dustbin explosion in the city in four days, reported.

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Men splash oil onto square dancers

Six prevent woman from drowning

Six people saved a young woman who was trying to commit suicide in a river in Xuanhan county. Yang Xingyi, a prisoner released on probation, was first to jump into the water but nearly drowned himself. West China Metropolis Daily reported.

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Men splash oil onto square dancers

Payout demand causes suicide

A paralyzed 68-year-old woman in Yilong county killed herself after a worker decorating her new apartment fell from the sixth floor and died. The worker's family sought compensation of 800,000 yuan ($129,032) but the woman could not afford it, reported.

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Men splash oil onto square dancers

Fire in Dalian caused by oil pipe blast

Men splash oil onto square dancers

An oil pipe, belonging to China National Petroleum Corp, exploded causing a huge fire in Dalian on Monday. Firefighters tried to use foam and sand to prevent another explosion. The cause of the explosion was under investigation.

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