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As the country's economy slows, the priority for the government is to keep its growth stable in order to prevent unemployment from rising.

Comprehensively building an overall well-off society is the key goal of the process, which is aimed at solving livelihood problems.

The slower growth target and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection show that Chinese policy-makers have adopted a more mature view on development, which will eventually benefit the world.

Urbanization, whether at home or abroad, should be carried out in a natural process.

While safety concerns need to be addressed, the first task should be to increase the number of taxis by letting go some of the controls.

Amended law signals wider legal reform

The NPC votes to update the cornerstone of China's legal system to dispel confusion and prepare the way for more changes.


Controversial senior Yunnan official under probe

Qiu He, a once-controversial leader of Southwest Yunnan province, has become the latest target of the anti-corruption campaign.


Pollution violators to face costs 'too high to bear'

China will tackle air pollution with tough punishments that will make the costs for those behind illegal production and emission "too high to bear", Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday.


China working for common progress with other nations

Premier Li Keqiang downplays "exaggeration" about economic strength, saying China, as a developing country, is not the world's largest economy.


Central government won't tighten policy toward HK

There will not be a tightening of policies and the "one country, two systems" principle should not be changed at will, says Li.


China has resilience to keep economy growing: Premier

Premier Li Keqiang answered 17 questions from Chinese and foreign media covering almost all areas, with the focus on economy and reform.


Streamlining administration is govt's self-reform: Premier

Premier Li Keqiang says he is determined to keep the reform process going, vowing to reduce more government power lists.


China respects Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity: Premier

China hopes the Ukraine issue can be settled through dialogue, Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday.