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Mandarin fluency aids reporters

[2015-03-16 08:12]

It seems that speaking Mandarin is becoming more important for foreign reporters working in China, especially those attending a news conference with Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday.

'Test and opportunity' seen ahead for Japan

[2015-03-16 07:28]

Premier Li Keqiang has defined this year as "both a test and an opportunity" for ties between China and Japan, and he urged Tokyo to "face history squarely" amid the 70th anniversary of the victory in the world's war against fascism.

Li promises support for small startup businesses

[2015-03-16 07:22]

The government will continue to offer more convenience to encourage people to start their own businesses in 2015, aiming to further boost the market's vitality, Premier Li Keqiang said at a news conference on Sunday.

Central government continues to support HK, premier says

[2015-03-15 15:21]

The central government hopes to have closer exchange between the special administrative region and the Chinese mainland in various industries, says Premier Li.

Premier says China can avoid systemic, regional financial risks

[2015-03-15 15:10]

China is "fully capable of avoiding systemic and regional financial risks" as the government has stepped up regulation of local government debt, Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday.

China respects Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity: Premier

[2015-03-15 14:53]

China hopes the Ukraine issue can be settled through dialogue, Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday.

Premier Li: China has imported deflation

[2015-03-15 14:50]

Premier Li Keqiang emphasized on Sunday that China has not exported deflation to the world, but imported it.

Nation plays important role in global affairs

[2015-03-15 14:49]

Premier Li Keqiang downplays "exaggeration" about economic strength, saying China, as a developing country, is not the world's largest economy.

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