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Dalai Lama 'needs to discuss way forward'

[2015-03-12 07:27]

A senior political adviser urged the Dalai Lama to have a serious discussion with the Chinese government about his future.

Government shifts science role

[2015-03-12 07:28]

The government will no longer authorize or fund science and technology projects directly, but focus instead on making development plans, assessing projects and monitoring evaluation and research funds, the science and technology minister said.

Government takes back seat in science programs

[2015-03-11 20:57]

The government will no longer be involved in the management of science programs, instead leaving them to professional institutions in a move to further promote reform in science and technology.

Organ harvesting ban not to cause shortage: expert

[2015-03-11 12:24]

China's ban on the harvesting of organs from executed prisoners for transplant will not cause the shortage of donated organs, an expert said on Wednesday.

Official urges Dalai Lama to forsake evil ways

[2015-03-11 12:15]

A senior political advisor urged the Dalai Lama to "forsake his evil ways and return to the good," stressing that Tibet will not descend into chaos.

Even 0.01% neglect too risky, says work safety director

[2015-03-10 21:45]

Yang Dongliang, director of the State Administration of Work Safety, said the administration is rushing against time to troubleshoot hidden dangers of the country's gas pipeline.

China to raise retirement age as pressure on pension fund rises

[2015-03-10 14:04]

China will gradually raise the official retirement age, but any policy changes will be phased in over five years, the human resources minister said.

China faces arduous task of ensuring employment: minister

[2015-03-10 11:05]

About 7.49 million college graduates need to find jobs in 2015 against the backdrop of an economic slowdown, China's human resources minister said.