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China speeds up administrative approval

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-02-04 21:48

BEIJING -- The Chinese central government on Wednesday published measures to speed up the administrative approval process.

A State Council document listed 10 ways to set time limits for the process and improve transparency.

Decisions on approval must be announced within a limited time and may not be prolonged for any reasons, according to the document. There should be "green passages" to give priority to projects supported by the government.

China has been streamlining the procedure and delegating powers in the hope of stimulating the market. In the past two years, 798 administrative approval items have been canceled or delegated to local governments. However delays, redundant procedures and opacity remain common.

The document tells authorities to take the initiative in publicizing all information related to approvals, as long as it does not involve state or commercial secrets or breach personal privacy.

Authorities should receive applicants at a one-stop service window or handle the work online, it said.

It also called for better supervision of approval authorities and more severe punishment for negligence and abuse of power.

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