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Premier Li's Go game analogy makes much sense

[2015-03-16 07:41]

As the country's economy slows, the priority for the government is to keep its growth stable in order to prevent unemployment from rising.

'Four Comprehensives' a road to prosperity

[2015-03-16 07:48]

Comprehensively building an overall well-off society is the key goal of the process, which is aimed at solving livelihood problems.

Slower growth target benefits China, world

[2015-03-15 11:05]

The slower growth target and the increasing emphasis on environmental protection show that Chinese policy-makers have adopted a more mature view on development, which will eventually benefit the world.

Pros and cons of unified household registration

[2015-03-14 16:39]

Urbanization, whether at home or abroad, should be carried out in a natural process.

Control on taxi licenses 'should' be eased

[2015-03-14 12:08]

While safety concerns need to be addressed, the first task should be to increase the number of taxis by letting go some of the controls.

Can private cars be used as auto rental cars?

[2015-03-13 20:57]

Tailored taxi service has rapidly become popular in China since last year. And it has created a hot debate: Can private cars can be used as auto rental cars?

Removal of deposit rates' cap expected this year

[2015-03-13 19:33]

Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People's Bank of China, said on March 12 that the cap for Renminbi deposit rates would probably be removed if a proper opportunity comes up this year.

Cultural topics discussed at two sessions

[2015-03-13 18:23]

What kinds of culture-related motions and proposals have been submitted during the two sessions? Let's take a look at these cultural topics.

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