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Growth beyond mediocrity

[2015-03-11 07:36]

The Chinese economy is still able to maintain a growth rate over the middle to long term that is much higher than the world's average if it works to tap its economic potential.

Woman's right whether to have another child

[2015-03-11 07:36]

No matter whether it is under the partial two-child policy or a comprehensive two-child policy, a woman's right to decide about child birth needs to be guaranteed by the law.

Correcting misconceptions about the Silk Road initiatives

[2015-03-10 17:50]

The Silk Road initiatives attract worldwide attention with some experts and media outlets calling them China's version of the Marshall Plan.

Officials have their say on parallel traders

[2015-03-10 20:52]

There have been protests against "parallel traders" in Hong Kong, drawing attention to the issue within society.

People comment on possible change of retirement age

[2015-03-10 18:39]

Yin Weimin, minister of human resources and social security, said on Tuesday that he hoped a plan to gradually increase the official retirement age will be mapped out this year before soliciting public opinion next year.

Time to replace financial repression with liberalization

[2015-03-10 17:08]

With entrenched vested interests and past history, government's effort to discard the old financial method will not be a smooth ride.

No place for greed in new political ecology

[2015-03-11 07:36]

Xi has acknowledged the severity of the problem, and the anti-graft campaign will have to target the causes of the moral degradation in Chinese officialdom.

Anti-graft drive boosts economic health

[2015-03-10 08:04]

Corruption is a cancer in the body of the economy because it makes good policies ineffective and serves the privileged class at the cost of those without power.