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Officials have their say on parallel traders


Updated: 2015-03-10 20:52:56


There have been protests against "parallel traders" in Hong Kong, drawing attention to the issue within society.

Large purchases by parallel traders not only cause inconvenience to Hong Kong citizens but also squeeze the space of legitimate enterprises. They also disrupt market order in the Chinese mainland.

Zhang Mao (minister of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce)

March 10 via the Beijing News

The "Individual Visit Scheme" is both helpful and beneficial to Hong Kong. "Parallel traders" are only a small number among mainland tourists and Hong Kong itself has thousands of "parallel traders". When there is a problem, we can seek reasons and manage to find the solution. What we want to avoid is that very few people turn others against each other, therefore intensified social contradictions achieve their political purpose.

Lee Tak-Lun (CPPCC member, Vice President of Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce)

March 10 via China Daily Website

The key to solving the problem of an overflow of people is to deal with parallel traders and an effective way is co-work by mainland and Hong Kong to govern gray distribution in HK and the mainland.

Fan Hsu Lai-tai (NPC Deputy of Hong Kong)

March 7 via huanqiu.com

Why are there "parallel traders"? The reason is very simple. Many commodities in Hong Kong are cheaper than that in the mainland.


March 9 via Sina Weibo

Cutting some tariffs on imported products and improving the quality of similar products in the domestic market may reduce parallel trading.


March 9 via Sina Weibo

The Chinese mainland may influence Hong Kong's normal order in terms of consumption, sightseeing, travel and shopping, causing some disturbances. I think it is quite understandable that Hong Kong citizens have opinions in this respect. To solve the problem, we could communicate with each other rather than rejecting Chinese mainland visitors. This is not wise.

Sun Jie (CPPCC member)

March 9 via Sina Weibo

The protesters against "parallel traders" are similar to “mobs”, the police will hold them accountable by law.

Lai Tung-kwok(Hong Kong's security chief)

March 9 via Sina Weibo

Some Hong Kong people stir up trouble under the guise of "anti-parallel trading".

February 11, 2015 via people.com.cn