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Justice must be upheld in every case

[2015-03-13 16:31]

It's a solid progress that individual cases are highlighted in the work reports by the "two supreme organizations".

Retirement at later ages can cover social needs but not social divide

[2015-03-13 10:24]

Media surveys show the initiative for delaying retirement has aroused nationwide opposition from the ordinary working people.

More steely resolve for judicial reform

[2015-03-13 10:23]

The establishment of circuit courts, as well as the "de-bureaucratization" of judges, will all contribute to the judiciary's struggle to get rid of the current credibility crisis.

The rich have a role at two sessions

[2015-03-13 10:24]

Should or should not more rich people attend the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee is a difficult question.

Solve income tax puzzle with fair policy

[2015-03-13 10:24]

It may take a long time to fully implement a consolidated income tax system, but we could start with a combination of consolidated and classified income tax which would take into consideration family exigencies.

No 'safe haven' for corrupt officials

[2015-03-12 20:53]

China's judicial authorities pledged on Thursday to intensify the international manhunt for corrupt officials who have fled abroad in the hope of escaping justice.

Strong opinions on ending judicial errors

[2015-03-12 18:35]

In reports by the SPC and SPP, wrongful conviction should be corrected once it is discovered. How to put an end to wrongful convictions has been a hot topic".

Wrongfully convicted should get more compensation

[2015-03-12 16:21]

Power comes with responsibility.The abuse of the power can lead to severe damage to a citizen’s life, health, freedom and property rights.