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Strong opinions on ending judicial errors

By Guo Rong (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2015-03-12 18:35:13


"Wrongful convictions, such as in the cases of Huugjilt, Nian Bin, Xu Hui and Huang Guang which attracted media attention at home and abroad, were corrected in 2014. In reports by the Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate, wrongful conviction should be corrected once it is discovered. How to put an end to wrongful convictions has been a hot topic".

"We find that most of the wrongful convictions were partly related to extorting a confession through torture in the process of investigation, and courts should exclude this unlawful evidence. The exclusion of illegal evidence is being developed and the system will be a good guidance for courts".

Li Shaoping, deputy head of Supreme People's Court

March 12, news.qq.com

"Wrongful convictions are scars on social equality and justice. Although they stand for one in 10,000 cases, they are unfair to sufferers. Once the miscarriage of justice occurs, even just one wrongful conviction can lead to social justice breaking down and judicial credibility will be damaged".

March 12, Xinhua News Agency

"Wrongful convictions have occurred frequently in recent years but those responsible were not punished. If wrongful convictions are made, those responsible should be asked to provide a remedy. Taxpayers have no obligation to pay the bill for judicial officials who bend the law for personal gain".

Ma Guoan, director of rule of law and development research center at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Sept 13, 2014, Chinanews.com

"To prevent wrongful convictions, we should firstly change the mind, abandon the presumption of guilt and assume innocence in disputed crimes. The power restriction mechanism should be completed and the court should perform duties according to the law. A scientific appraisal mechanism should be set up to define clear responsibilities. Compensation for suffers should be put into practice. Finally, the impact of lawyers in criminal cases should be brought into full play and defense opinions from lawyers should be taken seriously".

Liu Ling, deputy and vice-chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Lawyers Association

March 12, People's Court Daily

"Those responsible for wrongful convictions should be severely punished and the public informed so that public fear is placated."


March 12, Sina Weibo

"The People's Court tries to correct whatever is wrong and investigate who is responsible enhancing the protection of human rights to make sure people feel fairness and justice in every legal case. Let's give a thumbs up to Zhou Qiang, president of China's Supreme People's Court, for earnestly implementing the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 18th Communist Party of China".

xhTang Ji

March 12, Sina Weibo