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Li seeks public help for better work

[2015-01-31 08:02]

Premier Li has set a good example for government officials to solicit public opinions before taking major policy decisions.

'Road and Belt Initiatives' to restore lost glory

[2015-01-30 08:23]

The Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road strategic initiatives are China's important step toward countering the containment policies of certain Western countries.

China has potential for mid-high growth

[2015-01-28 07:43]

China will adjust its monetary policies according to its practical needs, maintain the stability of its macro-control policies, and make its investment more efficient.

Anti-graft drive will strengthen PLA

[2015-01-26 15:24]

As one after another corrupt military officer falls, the modernization of China's military will gain pace and the country will have a valiant fighting force.

Give China its due in global economy

[2015-01-22 07:31]

The history of international economic cooperation teaches us that every form of cooperation will die, essentially if not formally, if it does not adapt to new conditions.

Economic data move toward new normal

[2015-01-21 13:56]

The economic data for Jan 20 showed that, on a quarterly basis, the slowdown of China’s economy was interrupted in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Chinese economy robust for next decade

[2015-01-20 08:03]

After more than 30 years of extraordinary growth, the Chinese economy is shifting onto a more conventional development path - and a difficult rebalancing is underway.

To run the country well, let's start at county level

[2015-01-17 09:35]

The program, which began in November 2014, plans to train all county-level Party chiefs by the end of 2017. Each study program now lasts two months, instead of the one - or two-week training sessions in 2008 and 2010.

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