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Steps needed to engage seniors

[2015-03-05 10:46]

Why is square-dancing so popular? The women who are into square-dancing cannot find other places for the hobby and have to form a group of their peers.

Director puts Chinese characters in spotlight

[2015-03-05 10:33]

Actor Zhang Guoli and I wonder if we can resume using 50 or more traditional Chinese characters and include them in textbooks.

Wudang to promote culture overseas

[2015-03-05 17:57]

Wudang will embark on a go-out strategy to develop its culture overseas, Li Guangfu, deputy head of China's Taoist Association, said on Thursday.

'Japanese rice not connected to food safety'

[2015-03-05 10:21]

Buying high-priced rice is not a common practice among Chinese tourists. The issue should not be exaggerated and associatedwith food security.

Legislature responds to people's concerns

[2015-03-05 07:47]

As ever, many are expecting that the brainstorming among NPC deputies will bring substantial changes to specific government policies.

Sessions to strengthen supervision of SOEs

[2015-03-04 08:16]

The inspection of nine SOEs by central inspection teams in 2014 has uncovered serious abuse of power in different forms by SOE executives.

Diplomats in Beijing talk about two sessions

[2015-03-05 13:47]

Diplomats and counselor share their views on the government's fight against corruption, slowdown in economy and the Silk Road project.

The broad governance blueprint of Xi Jinping

[2015-03-05 08:19]

The "Four Comprehensives" strategic layout mapped out by Xi Jinping will guide the modernizing of the nation's governance system and capability.

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