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Slower growth, but healthier economy

[2015-03-06 07:59]

By lowering its 2015 growth target to "around 7 percent", the government has apparently given in to the intensifying downward pressures.

Anti-corruption campaign will boost economy

[2015-03-09 07:54]

In the long term, anti-corruption efforts will reduce the level of corruption, and hence, they will definitely promote long-term economic growth.

Experts' take on 7% GDP growth

[2015-03-09 09:34]

The government's move to set the GDP growth target for 2015 at around 7 percent has attracted attention from not only China, but also from overseas.

Silk Road strategy wins thumbs-up from journalists

[2015-03-09 07:38]

China's national strategy of reviving the ancient Silk Road is expected to benefit its neighbors and other countries along the route.

China's economy sails to deeper reforms

[2015-03-08 20:16]

The government work report delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at an annual national legislative session suggests that China is resolutely determined to pursue economic transition and make further progress on its reform agenda, US experts said.

'Housewives contribute to society, too'

[2015-03-08 18:26]

Mingzhu Dong, the National People's Congress and president of GREE, said she would like to see more women join the workforce, but added that women who stay at home to take care of their families also contribute to society.

Travelers' hotline gets 30,000 calls in 6 months

[2015-03-08 17:31]

China will do everything possible to protect the legitimate rights of its citizens overseas, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

Li expounds on new normal in plain style

[2015-03-07 09:15]

As the premier urged, local civil servants should feel the urgency of changing their mindsets and entering a new "state" under the country's new normal.