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Zhongguancun total income to exceed $562b

By Xu Lili ( Updated: 2014-12-25 13:58

From January to October this year, the gross profit and the actual paid-in taxes of Zhongguancun enterprises maintained rapid growth of 30 percent. The annual income is expected to exceed 3.5 trillion yuan ($562 billion), a year-on-year increase of 17 percent.

Pilot polices which have achieved great success in Zhongguancun Science Park were expanded nation-wide. Zhongguancun has improved its innovative ecological system, collaborative innovation mechanism and regional innovation environment.

Up to the end of October this year, Beijing's colleges, universities, and scientific research institutions achieved a total income of over 10 billion yuan with 1,709 technology transfer projects. State-owned enterprises, universities and research institutions won approval of 104 equity and dividend incentive plans.

Zhongguancun's vitality has grown, especially in science and technology service industries, which provided a good condition for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Angel investors, innovative incubators and makers became three elements of Zhongguancun innovation ecosystem. It is expected that the newly-launched high-tech enterprises will exceed 10,000 this year. Currently, Zhongguancun has more than 20,000 professionals returned from overseas and nearly 10,000 foreign experts.

Meanwhile, Zhongguancun has raised the quality and efficiency of its economic development. From January to October this year, 6 competitive industries, including next generation Internet, mobile Internet and new generation of mobile communication, satellite application, biological and health, energy saving and environmental protection, and rail transportation, and 4 potential industries including new materials, high-end equipment and general aviation, new energy and new energy vehicles, achieved total revenue of 1.75 trillion yuan, accounting for 67.9 percent of Zhonggaucn's overall figure.

Zhongguancun has become an important node of the global technology innovation network, and next it aims to become a global innovation center with international influence. A number of international leading technology and products, innovative enterprises with international influence have emerged in Zhongguancun. So far, Zhongguancun enterprises have created 144 international standards and hold the initiative in many fields such as global 4G communication and mobile Internet.

The Beijing municipal government and Zhongguancun will deepen innovation reform with new pilot policies, taking the lead in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development, and speed things up to develop Zhongguancun into a global influential innovation center.

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