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E-town shines at International Finance Expo

( Updated: 2014-11-24 17:22

Beijing's Economic-Technological Development Area, or E-town, an industrial, innovation, and finance capital for China, took part in the 10th Beijing International Finance Expo, on Oct 30, with Its vice-director, Gao Yanjie, addressing a finance innovation summit at the expo and describing how they have explored financial support for cutting edge industries over the years.

Gao explained that the town has raised 11 billion yuan ($1.8 billion) in financial support for its crucial industrial projects and has devoted itself to different finance approaches and systems, by setting up dozens of funds to access a variety of capital pools for integrated circuitry, chip R&D, semiconductor products and technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, energy conservation, environmental protection, a factory for Benz cars, a logistics center, and a digital TV park.

The area also needs integrated services and facilities for both life and work in and around it and is developing another 56 square kilometers for living and recreational space for people working in E-town. The next focus will be the ecology, and turning itself into a crossroads for the cities of Beijing and Tianjin and Hebei province, with better policies and work environments.

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